Letter: Mauck would make an excellent assessor


I am writing this letter in support of Kelly Mauck, my former undersheriff, who is running for Island County Assessor. Kelly is receiving my full support and endorsement because I have been able to witness, first hand, the knowledge, skill and ability that he possesses. He has always been able to efficiently and effectively identify problems or issues and has never been afraid to confront them head on with logic, reason, and a selfless attitude.

I have no doubt that Kelly will be an excellent assessor. Kelly has dedicated more than half of his life to the service of our country and our community. Kelly has always been willing and able to effectively work with everyone, regardless of their political beliefs, and never puts his best interest or ambitions ahead of those he serves.

I ask you to support Kelly and know he will provide fundamentally fair, equitable and uniform assessments for our property owners while always striving to make his office more effective and efficient.

Mark C. Brown

Former sheriff

Oak Harbpr