Letter: Manufactured home zones provide affordable housing


In Oak Harbor we are fortunate to have many areas zoned for manufactured homes and trailers. This makes housing affordable for lower-income people. They can retain their independence from government assistance that must be paid for by others.

The affordable housing occupants may be retired, or without to the higher education that qualifies them for higher-paying jobs. These areas zoned for lower-cost housing allow these occupants to retain their independence, pride and dignity.

Occupants of lower-cost housing have close access to transit, often eliminating the costly need to own a car, and access to schools and medical care, as do all other Island County residents.

The government should not feel the need to provide stick-built, owner-occupied housing to all at the expense of the rest. Government redistribution of wealth is socialism or communism. It has no place in a Democratic Republic.

A free ride removes one’s ambition to better oneself. As with parenting, a little tough love is called for with adults as well.

It is human nature to care for that which we have worked hard for, and to sit back and coast when given a free ride. Zoning, not handouts including government subsidized housing, is the better solution for safe, healthy housing across our widely diverse culture.

Hats of to those less affluent managing on their own. I’m proud to know you!

Tim Verschuyl

Oak Harbor