Letter: Like John Lewis, protestors in Ore. want equal rights


What is happening in Portland, Ore.? It looks and feels like terrorism.

Unmarked cars deployed, seemingly out of nowhere, unleashing camouflaged men with no badges or name tags, abducting protesters and ferreting them away to detention. This was done without the permission of local police or Mayor Ted Wheeler, who could certainly handle protesters without Trump’s help, and without shooting one in the face.

Why was this done? Is this Trump’s idea of Nazi Germany 2020 style? This is an abuse of power. It’s illegal and unconstitutional. The protesters were taken to a federal courthouse and read their Miranda rights there, not when they asked why and where they were going.

When lawyers were asked for, some would be released. Is this Trump’s idea of “theater,” when protesters are on the streets too long, for him, he should send someone in to take care of it.

How ironic that the demonstrators are out there protesting police violence, and Trump’s answer is more police violence.

Is this how we want our country to be? Is this the person we want to solve problems? He can’t even deal with the virus or the economy or safe school openings. Trump deals with nothing, yet loves a show of power. It gets more pathetic and sad every day.


Nancy Mayer


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