Letter: Library group needs help with book storage


For many years the city of Oak Harbor (which owns the marina and the library) has allowed the Friends of the Library to use one of the smaller sheds at the marina to store and sort the many books we receive for our book sales. The money earned from these sales supports many aspects of our library’s wonderful work … children’s programs, summer reading materials, items our library needs but are not provided by Sno-Isle (their annual “wish list”) and so much more. These books are often acquired from estates, people down-sizing, moving, etc. It is a community service we provide that prevents these books from being discarded.

I was notified last month that in order to continue use of the shed we would have to pay $176.00 a month. We would have to sell a lot of books to afford that.

So we are asking for the community’s help in 1.) possibly finding another place for our books or 2.) coming up with another suggestion for solving this dilemma. We have until Jan. 15, 2024 to vacate the shed at the marina. You can contact us at the following email: whidbeymac@comcast.net. Thanks in advance for any support.

Linda McNamara,

FOL president