Letter: Liberals use labels to discredit


I just got around to reading the Sept. 20 letters and had to laugh at the juxtaposition of Ted Noodle’s and Mark Brown’s letters. I assume it was done tongue in cheek, but I got a chuckle over it.

Mr. Noodle seems to feel misinformation is a cardinal sin. Apparently, he has become the arbiter of truth. Then we get Mr. Brown’s dissertation on the 14th amendment. Glad that he is so knowledgeable about that one. I hope he is as knowledgeable about the First, Second and the rest. His misinformation comes in his labeling Trump and Republicans as Proud Boys. That is like saying all Democrats are communists with Biden as the new commissar.

It is a tactic of the left to label people they disagree with as doing precisely what they themselves do.

Truly I don’t care what you label me and don’t think any the less of you for your ignorance, and I promise not to put you in a box with other nuts.

Fred Wilferth