Letter: Libaries are using funding wisely during difficult time


I will leave it to others to respond to Kurt Vieke regarding school funding. I feel a need to address the comment questioning funding to the libraries during this time.

As a Friends of Clinton Library board member, I have had the pleasure of hearing about the work Sno-Isle Libraries has been doing to adjust to these difficult times. It is my opinion that they are doing a good job.

All of the Sno-Isle Libraries provide a working network so their parking lots are being utilized through out the day and evening.

They have upgraded their website for easier access to materials which are available through their Libby app as audio books or through their outside service at the library. They have reconfigured their locations to hold books that are returned for 72 hours before cycling them back in the system.

They are filling bags with the materials people check out and the librarians hand them to people outside rain or shine.

They have had a number of successful online programs which garnered at least five times more participants than would have attended in the community hall environment.

They are working to upgrade the outside canopies and hopefully, outside lighting.

The librarians have risen to the challenge and have done extraordinarily well providing programs to adults and children as well as being community partners calling patrons to see how they are doing during this time.

I believe they are using the funding wisely during this difficult time.

Phyllis Alexander


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