Letter: Letter writer should read ‘Animal Farm’


Apparently Steen Halling missed a few history lessons, or is unaware of what Marxism is. Even the founders of the Black Lives Movement have stated categorically that they are “… organizers and avowed Marxists.” That they hijacked the phrase to further their agenda is not in dispute.

Now that Donald Trump is no longer in office, it seems that some people cannot let him go. What seems to upset the likes of Halling is that Trump exposed the lack of ideology in the modern Democratic party.

Calling out the press as “fake news” peddlers has been confirmed by the agencies that were mum during Trump’s administration, and even though there is scant evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 election, Adam Schiff still hangs on to that lie.

The mainstream media are more “Pravda-est” then informative and CNN may as well admit they are a shill for the progressive Democratic left.

Republican sensibilities see the error in dividing the country into tribes that war against one another.

The founding documents and the struggle to live up to them used to be understood by liberals and conservatives alike. Equality of access and equal treatment under the law were always the gold standard of a free people. Equal outcomes were never guaranteed.

My suggestion to Halling and his kind is to pick up a copy of “Animal Farm,” “1984”, or “Brave New World,” assuming that Amazon hasn’t taken themout of its approved list, and learn the truth within those pages.

Fred Wilferth


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