Letter: Letter writer exaggerated Navy’s impact


This is a rebuttal to Ms Attwoods letter of Dec. 28.

To begin with, you only get some of their flights. Those of us here on the north end get them all, and I love that sound of freedom.

Not all the additional aircraft are going to be deployed aboard ship, therefore there is no field carrier landing practice, or FCLP, training required. So while the noise will go up, it will not go up near as much as you state.

Now as to your statement that there are places in Coupeville that I am quite sure have been damaged by your false statement that they are serving contaminated water — please provide some shred of evidence that this is the case.

As last reported, there are seven wells that are contaminated above the EPA limit and not one establishment in Coupeville is mentioned. You owe those restaurant owners a huge apology.

Mike Van Voorst

Oak Harbor