Letter: Learn about, appreciate our wild neighbors


I have watched many newcomers move to Coupeville in the last 25 years.

Some came from cities, suburbs and other parts of the country to enjoy the natural beauty and small town living here.

To enjoy this extraordinary place, we must embrace the interactions and accommodations of nature that make it so exceptional and to appreciate the land, and our wild neighbors we share it with.

As regards the deer in Coupeville, we must be more diligent not to habituate the deer in our town. Feeding wildlife should carry fines and be enforced.

Let’s try to encourage their natural instinct to distance themselves from humans.

Fence your vegetable gardens and landscape with deer resistant plants and landscaping if you don’t want them in your yard and keep your dogs on a leash during fawning season, early spring and summer. Wave your arms or yell at them if they are too close or inquisitive. Deer learn quickly.

It’s not just deer; rural life presents other adjustments too. Small pets and chickens need protection from predation from eagles and owls.

Pet food and bird seed and garbage must be secured to discourage raccoons. Boats must maintain certain distances from whales and orcas on the water.

We need to learn about nature and our wild neighbors to truly appreciate this natural paradise we live in.

Let’s get creative and find humane solutions to human/wildlife conflicts.

Excellent resources include PAWS Wildlife Center in Lynnwood, 425-787-2500 and the Sarvey Wildlife Center in Arlington, 360-435-4817.

Dondi Byrne


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