Letter: Larsen will lose votes if he supports impeachment


I had met Congressman Rick Larsen a few times over the years at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island as well as with his staff in Washington, D.C. upon my return from Afghanistan in 2015.

I have voted for him each time he was on the ballot even though I am registered as a Republican.

My concern now is the impeachment of President Trump.

Here at NAS Whidbey and in other circles I frequent in Oak Harbor and Anacortes, I can say with absolute certainty that, with the exception of a very small yet extremely loud minority, that the people in general think this impeachment, as well as continuous attacks by the Democrats, is a waste of the peoples’ time, if not a complete travesty.

The average person can see the ridiculousness of the Dems’ claims and smears.

What we the people see is “the boy (Democrats) who cried wolf.”

The Dems have been trying to impeach him since the day he was sworn in and trying to smear him even longer. Look what the country has done since he was elected.

All this progress was made under continuous duress and mostly biased attacks.

I hope Mr. Larsen realizes that a lot of his votes come from military-affiliated people and we are growing weary of this.

If he continues to support this impeachment he will lose not only my vote but, I can say with confidence, many others.

Timothy S. Hazelo

Oak Harbor