Letter: Kubisiak brings experience, leadership to assessor’s office


I would like to express my full support for T.J. Kubisiak as the next Island County assessor. As a former Island County assessor, I know the skills and experience required for the job and how critical it is for the residents of our county to have someone with experience in the assessor’s office. I can unequivocally state T.J. has just the right knowledge, skills and abilities to lead a complex operation and he also has the unabashed support of every member of the present assessor’s staff.

T.J. is a veteran, a retired Naval officer and pilot who fought for his county and I know will fight for fairness in Island County as your next assessor. T.J has a master’s degree in organizational leadership and will excel leading a highly technical staff. Additionally, he set himself up for success by learning the job from the inside by working as an appraiser on the assessor’s staff prior to deciding to run for office. That kind of commitment, preparation, and leadership are exactly why he has earned my endorsement.

I would like to also note that T.J. is running as a non-partisan candidate for what is truly a non-partisan position. His opponent is a career law enforcement person, has no experience in the assessor business, only a high school education and is the nominee of the radical right wing of the Island County Republican Party leadership. This job requires non-partisan leadership and technical expertise, making the choice abundantly clear.

Island County needs an assessor with the education and training like T.J. to continue to bring transparency, fairness, and professionalism to the assessor’s office. T.J. Kubisiak is that leader and he has the experience in the office needed to fulfill this vision. Please vote Theodore Kubisiak for Island County assessor.

David Mattens