Letter: Kennedy is right candidate for Congress


Carrie Kennedy has my vote for U.S. Congress, District 2, because:

I’ve personally known Carrie for over 25 years, initially through my workplace and subsequently as a friend. Carrie and her husband Lloyd Potter are a very special couple who display their conservative beliefs by their everyday behavior.

Carrie walks and talks her conservative values and I would stake my reputation on Carrie’s broad knowledge of the issues facing our district and county as well as our country today, in any debate forum.

I, Patti Ruple, cherish my lifelong reputation as an American patriot, Christian, conservative, Navy widow and defender of our United States Constitution, so I do not make these claims lightly.

To know Carrie is to know in your heart she’s a fighter for freedom, liberty, and our American Constitutional way of life.

Our government is the American people’s government, not the country club of the wealthy, elite or wannabes.

May God bless America with conscientious leadership like Carrie.

Gloria Patricia “Patti” Ruple

Oak Harbor