Letter: It’s God, not humans, who are responsible for changes


Referring to the Wednesday, July 10, letter to the editor, “How can one not notice our changing climate?”

How can one not notice our changing culture? God created the heavens and earth. Each time the humans have committed great sins against humanity, God has taken action against them. God created our system as a mature world so it would be ready for its occupants. The first 2,000 years passed by and mankind got so evil that God regretted that he had created them.

So he chose Noah and family and drowned the rest — about 2 billion. Notice, there was nothing wrong with the earth, just the people. The next 2,000 years were like the first. So God did something different about 500 years after the flood. Abraham was born. God’s remedy for sin came on the scene. God began to bring a man into His plan to save people from sins.

First, Abraham, then Isaac and Jacob, and the 12 sons, which became the nation of Israel. But, because of the weakness of the flesh, man failed again. Then God gave his son so that all who live godly will spend eternity with him. Surely everyone of a sound mind would want this, would they not? Well, it is now the very end of God’s plan.

He warned that things would wax worse and worse in the last days, and they have, and if time were to continue, then the things you speak of would take place. Not in 12 years, but soon. But I believe we have, at most, nine years, then Christ’s return will change everything.

Are you ready for it?

The seas will be gone, mountains will be gone and the kingdoms of this earth will become the kingdoms of our Lord and He will rule with a rod of iron. Anyone who will not bring him a gift on the day of Pentecost will get no rain that year. Those who love God now will be your rulers.

How will you like that?

James Dickinson

Oak Harbor

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