Letter: ‘It is President Trump who is using Hitler’s playbook’


Recent letters to the editor have made it apparent that the Fox News propaganda machine is working well, inciting white supremacists to promote tropes and misinformation.

Mr. Meyer’s letter to the editor in the June 24 Whidbey News-Times calls largely peaceful protests “riots” and asserts protesters have destroyed property, been responsible for shootings and even murders, when in fact these are the acts of white infiltrators and antagonists of justice who were caught in the act destroying property, shooting at protesters and running them down with cars.

These are efforts to defame the movement, an admitted strategy of right-wing groups like the Proud Boys and Boogaloo, have also been used by law enforcement in the past.

Meyers also refers to “lynching,” but, not in regard to the suspicious hangings of black men during this period. Does he not know lynching is a historic form of domestic terrorism practiced by southern white folk, which NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace was cruelly reminded of by the noose hung in his garage?

In the same News-Times, Mr. Morehead incorrectly states that COVID-190 death rate is “only 1%,” when its actually 2-5%. If he did the math, even 1% would be 3.3 million Americans. He also doesn’t seem to know that the “Fa” in Anti-Fa stands for fascism, which is closely related to Nazism, proponents of which, President Trump considers, “very good people.”

It is President Trump who is using Hitler’s playbook — to attack the press, incite hate by race baiting and his strong man rhetoric, etc., in his bid to be “president for life.”

If you believe that, as Trump’s stated, “I’ve done more for black people than any other president,” I would remind you of the observation of Rene Descartes, “If they can make you believe absurdities, they can make you commit atrocities.”

And they have.

Diane Deseck-Piazzon