Letter: Isn’t it time for a serious discussion about future?


I guess I could have written my letter to the editor better, so misunderstanding as Ruth Kennedy seems to, is fair game.

As for the immigration situation, we do have “legal” immigration and we all can be glad for it.

Like any other nation, we deserve to define our terms and boundaries.

Legal immigrants tell us they are offended by the leniency shown to undocumented illegals. Having done things the right way they feel cheated. What say you to that?

While most agree that there is no set of laws or their enforcement that completely represent the will of the people, when did the 14th Amendment start saying laws pertaining to a class of people can be ignored?

Yes, I will admit to some bias, but I think anyone, including Ruth Kennedy, spending time at our southern border as we truckers have would feel similarly after experiencing the “unrepeatable wrath” from those we refuse to help over (pre-Trump) fences at the border.

But, I think the issue being pursued by former California Gov. Ronald Reagan and his pal Charlton Heston is more about what Al Gore told us in his “Inconvenient Truth” presentation.

It was more truth than some could handle about global warming and our other imminent environmental concerns, all of which are clearly being caused by exploding world population growth.

This is the bottom line no one wants to talk about.

They pursued their zero populaton growth agenda worldwide clear into RR’s presidency via United Nation’s UNICEF … until it became “politically incorrect.”

Zero population growth is a far more serious situation than anyone wants to acknowledge or even discuss. But ignoring it won’t make it go away.

Al Gore said it like it is, and paid a sorry price for doing it. I don’t know how anyone looking at the statistics can ignore the alarm.

Ignoring is “ignor-ance.”

The time is rapidly coming when the inescapable will have to be faced. But will our smugly confident “advanced civilization” find a better and more humane solution than history’s FPW (Famine, Pestilence and War)?

That won’t happen by some fairy waving a magic wand. Do we really think we’re immune to a worldwide calamity?

The future we save will be ours … and our kids. So isn’t it time for some serious conversation about it?

Al Williams

Oak Harbor

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