Letter: Island County should reopen park to camping


Open Rhododendron Park up for camping, please.

I just took my dog for a walk through the beautiful camping section of Rhododendron Park. For those of you who are not sure where it is, it is located just a few miles down island from Coupeville.

The campground was closed all last summer for obvious reasons, but remains closedas of May 2021. It can’t be closed due to COVID-19 as all of the state parks are open and functioning. Could it be that Island County is just cheaping out?

This park is primitive with only pit toilets and is first-come, first-served, but it is a favorite for families with children who may be camping on a budget.

I have noticed in the past a lot of seniors using the park as well for a fresh-air camping experience.

We used it ourselves occasionally when going up island to shop in Oak Harbor. Always nice to plan an over nighter at Rhododendron Park and then shop the next day. When walking around the camp and chatting with people the majority would be from the island, but it was also used by families from Seattle.

It is so lovely and necessary for our community.

Gord Wilson