Letter: Invasive ivy needs to be controlled


I do not understand why so many people on beautiful Whidbey Island have planted or allowed to grow English ivy. This Ivy is one of the worst, most invasive, non-native species.This greedy, infernal plant never stops growing. It will climb 50 or more feet anywhere it can. It will smother any type of plant or tree it attaches itself to.

It makes me so sad to see it freely growing in the Coupeville city park, on Madrona Way, on Broadway and in so many other places around the town. By the way, ivy is a good habitat for rodents, snails and slugs.

Please, if you care for our poor native plants, cut that ivy at the base of the plants and/or spray it with Crossbow and KleenUp. Trust me, it will eventually kill it. Give our beautiful natives a chance.

Luie Ferrer