Letter: Instead of complaining noise, wear earplugs


Enough is enough. I, and a number of my friends, are totally fed up with the continual whining and complaining of the COER community and their criticism of our Growlers.

The latest diatribe was by a representative of the COER board of directors in the July 13 issue of the Whidbey News-Times.

She questioned a number of “facts” stated previously by the Navy League, of which I’m not associated, but know of their good work.

The real “fact” of the matter centers around where these folks elected to buy a home, and their beef should be with their Realtor, not with the Navy.

The area in which they chose to live is, in fact, beautiful, and an area my wife and I considered when I was first assigned here in 1980.

However, our Realtor discouraged us from buying near the OLF Coupeville because of the “noise.”

Many who bought here did so not only because of the beauty, but because homes were appreciably lower in price there.

Just like homes in Seattle are cheaper near SeaTac. I liken the complainers to those who buy near a gun range and then complain of the noise.

Another interesting thought came to me when we were celebrating Independence Day.

I suspect that these same folks would have complained about the noise Paul Revere’s horse was making galloping down the cobblestone streets and the sound of the Minutemen firing their muskets.

Well, maybe it’s time they cut their losses and move (maybe to an isolated island), but even then they would probably complain about the noise of waves lapping on the beach.

Now, our “esteemed” state attorney general has filed suit against the Navy. Really?

Why isn’t he using his office to stem the opioid crisis or maybe looking into how the governor can be away from his job here in Washington state while spending numerous days campaigning for a new job.

If any of us took time off from our jobs to look for another one, how long would we be employed? He might also watch reruns of the TV documentary, “Seattle is Dying.”

Back to the issue of noise, I suggest for those who find the noise stressful, that they do what we sometimes do, wear earplugs when the planes are flying.

Fred Stilwell, Cmdr. U.S. Navy (ret)

Oak Harbor

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