Letter: Installation of sculpture will add value to city


This letter is in support of the City of Oak Harbor accepting the offer by Sculpture Northwest to install the sculpture titled Angel of Creativity, the work of sculptor Enrique Cabajal known as Sebastian.

As a board member of Sculpture Northwest (SNW), I had an opportunity to discuss with then SNW President George Drake his rationale and vision for gifting this iconic sculpture.

The gifting presentation to the City’s Arts Commission was made by SNW, a nonprofit organization formed by George, keeping with his vision of making Northwestern Washington an international destination for lovers of outdoor sculpture. George selected Oak Harbor for the Angel of Creativity installation, because of its population size, location, potential high exposure installation sites and the strength of the Oak Harbor Arts Commission and civic leaders.

The internet provides hundreds of photographs of Sebastian’s installations throughout the cities of world, monumental works of art that inspire and uplift the human spirit and each case raised the name status of these cities. The installation of this bold and colossal work of art will add enormous value to the aesthetic, cultural and economic vitality to the City of Oak Harbor.

Frank Rose