Letter: In 2016, a ‘crazy’ was voted into White House


I want to thank Richard Ays for his letter to the editor in the July 29 edition, “It may be mental, not physical, but it’s still ‘slavery’.” His letter says so much, so clearly, to all of us.

Mental? Yes.

Mr. Ays says there are 100 million people who are slaves to whatever the DNC, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer say. It’s true. As one of those 100 million who was forced into the Pelosi/Schumer Indoctrination Camp — pre-COVID — I can assure you that we were implanted with transponders and are marching to orders to take over the government.

Caught us.

But, be assured, Mr. Ays, that due to the usual Democratic Party incompetence, the transponder’s batteries are failing and cannot be replaced. Think of it. Soon, all those sheep lost and in need of a great leader. Fear not: there will be time to prevent an “African-American female ‘idiot’ in power.”

In considering whether to vote Trump and Republican/right wing, look at that letter again. Would you hand over anything of yours to a crazy like that? Your government? Last election, the country did. At least the rich got another tax cut.

Unlike those who visit legislatures carrying AR-15s — what’s the message, exactly? I intend to assure my country’s continuation as a democracy by voting. For all of us who prefer the ballot box to a gun; who see a legal order about wearing a mask during a pandemic as an inconvenience, not as oppression; who believe the law is the law, for all of us; in this election, think long and hard about staying with what we now have.

The American people are good, but sometimes make bad decisions based on anger, hatred, or frustration. Let us not continue in that way.

John Seyfried


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