Letter: Immigration problems are nothing new


I must be a prophet — no sooner is there news (on the “mainstream media” no less) that “unrestrained” immigration is becoming a problem, I said to myself: “Freddie, will be ranting about this in the letters section of the Whidbey News-Times,” and, sure enough, there’s a letter from Freddie raving about this very subject.

Freddie, no one in his (or her) right mind thinks that “unrestrained illegal” immigration is a “blessing.” The problem in all this is that for a number of years, nothing has been done, either by Republican or Democrat administrations. To blame Biden is downright ridiculous. It also occurred during your beloved leader’s administration, during which, apart from his promise to build a wall along the Texas, Arizona and California borders with Mexico, only a fraction of said wall has been actually built, so, in effect, Trump accomplished nothing. According to the Cato Institute, Trump did a dandy job in reducing legal, but not much in reducing illegal, immigration.

So, Freddie, what is your suggestion as to how to handle the problem? You can complain about it till the cows come home, but I’d welcome your solution.


Michael Thompson