Letter: If you need a reason to dump Trump, this is it


Trump will defend a Confederate statue but not our American soldiers. It’s been reported and verified that Russia — Putin — offered bounties to Taliban linked militants to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan.

Did we hear anything from the commander-in-chief or any Republican about this? No. Where is the retaliation? Not even a denial.

If Trump does not want to face an issue, he lies saying he knows nothing about it. For someone who has all the information in the world, he sure does not know much. Another shameful moment around the office of the president.

How does Trump reward Putin for this disgraceful act, by taking troops from Germany, and saying he will bring Putin back into the G-8.

Anything Putin wants Trump tries to make happen.

This is so shameful, anti-American, disgusting. If you need a reason to dump Trump, this is certainly it.

Nancy Mayer


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