Letter: I-976 would lead to fewer buses, greater congestion


What an amazing service Island Transit is: Our citizens can go everywhere for free, without driving. Astonishing.

But it seems like every year or two there’s a new threat to Island Transit, and the threat today is state Initiative I-976, the limits on motor vehicle taxes and fees measure.

If this initiative is passed, it would cut Island Transit’s funding by 70 percent. What a short-sighted plan.

Imagine the increased congestion on our roads if everyone who takes Island Transit was driving cars.

Imagine the increased pollution.

And imagine the disruption to the lives of people who don’t drive — who now can freely enjoy shopping and socializing and can safely get to work or to their appointments, who would have to struggle just to leave their neighborhoods if this initiative is passed.

Island Transit is one of the many services we enjoy in Island County that we have to work together to protect — in this case, by voting wisely.

Vote No on I-976.

Melanie Bacon


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