Letter: Hospital is spending too much on management



It’s the only word that comes to mind when I contemplate the latest actions by the WhidbeyHealth board of commissioners. Recently, the board elected to fire the current CEO/CFO who was earning $430,000 a year and in doing so obligated the taxpayers for his salary over the next nine months as part of his severance package. After what I am sure must have been a very short search the same group of commissioners has obligated the hospital to an out of state management group to the tune of $350,000 a year and a new CEO for $370,000.

Unless my basic math skills fail me that is over a million dollars in one year from a hospital that has recently barely had enough money on hand to make payroll. This huge expenditure has nothing to do with providing medical care to the citizens of Island County, the same citizens who voted on the recent hospital levy who I am sure thought it would be spent on equipment and salary for those who provide care.

If you are not outraged, look up Michael Layfield the proposed new interim CEO for yourself. He was affiliated with Lauderdale Community hospital in Ripley, Tennessee. I could be wrong, but I do not believe this is the way citizens of Island County expect the hospital to be managed or the funds to be spent. Please someone stop this wanton waste of taxpayer dollars. If you are concerned about these expenditures, please contact the State Auditor’s Office at garzad@sao.wa.gov 360-594-0571 or hansone@sao.wa.gov 360-594-0573

Remember silence is acceptance.

Robert E Clark

Oak Harbor