Letter: Hospital CEO should consider a pay cut


Interesting times we live in. The recent news articles and letters concerning the hospital in Coupeville peaked my interest so I did some looking. I was completely amazed when I saw that the CEO felt the hospital was in trouble financially and felt the best course of action was to fire people who might play a part in turning things around.

I wonder if he felt that way before or after he cashed his pay check. This is a man earning $430,000.00 with a 2.5 percent cost of living adjustment annually that will result in nearly a half million dollar paycheck by the end of his current contract. Knowing that all hospitals and health organizations are feeling the strain from COVID and the restricted access this has caused for both patients and doctors thus resulting in a drastic reduction in access to health care and revenue generated, would it not have been more prudent for Mr. Telles to have considered a commensurate temporary pay reduction for himself thereby setting the example for others on the administrative staff.

I realize that having to live on $200,000 for a year would be rough. This all seems very convenient. Mr. Telles, when the very people you let go are the ones who might have had a beneficial impact on the upcoming nurses contract negotiations, but then as the Chief Financial Officer as well as the Chief Operating Officer you all ready knew all of this right. Like I said interesting times and I hope the Elected Board of Directors is paying attention.

Robert E Clark

Oak Harbor