Letter: Homola is the better choice for House


I am very disappointed to see the Whidbey New-Times’ endorsement of Greg Gilday over Angie Homola. As your editorial states, Homola has “valuable local government experience and an unmistakable passion for public service and the environment.”

You’re darned right she does. She is also a woman of integrity and intelligence who is not afraid to speak the truth to power. She does her homework and is very detail-oriented, which makes her good at about everything that she does.

As you also pointed out, Angie was “a commissioner during the Great Recession and understands budgets.” She figured out how to pinch every penny and donated back 20 percent of her salary to help balance the budget.

I cannot say it any better than Marianne Edain, who wrote in her Politiblog: “She has served as a state legislative liaison, studying bills to determine the effects of their passage, potential unintended consequences, fiscal impacts, and whether they serve the intended purpose. I have learned about more issues than I can remember from discussions with Angie on legislative bills. All of which means that she knows her way around Olympia, knows who is on first and what needs to happen to reach second, third, and home base with any particular issue. She is effective.

“And now we are dealing with COVID-19 with active sabotage by the federal government. Note that Angie has redesigned her entire campaign so that, unlike her opponent, she is not endangering anyone. Her supporters and campaign workers wear masks, maintain distance, and use electronic tools instead of knocking on peoples’ doors. That puts her at a disadvantage with her virus-denying opponent.

“In my book it gives her major points.

“I want someone in the legislature who represents my interests and knows how to do the right thing even under very difficult circumstances. That’s Angie.”

Yes, I’m proudly voting for Angie Homola.

Linda Bainbridge


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