Letter: Hoffmire’s actions were unethical


With full disclosure, I do endorse Ronnie Wright as the better candidate for mayor. Ronnie has the skill set to intelligently multi-task, listen and process in the moment, follow through and honest work ethics. His opponent continues to demonstrate otherwise, as explained in an Oct. 14 Whidbey News-Times article. At the Oct. 17 council meeting, Mr. Hoffmire “dug his hole a little deeper” by trying to justify his inappropriate unethical behavior when he was advised he would break state laws not once but twice due to where he is employed. I was at the meeting to thank those present for doing the vity’s business and helping the North Whidbey Pool Parks and Recreation District (NWPPRD) get the monies. I acknowledged that the NWPPRD chair had also done what he could by remaining out of the process.

Mr. Hoffmire is employed by the NWPPRD receiving a $75,000 + salary and a full benefits package plus is paid by the city a monthly stipend of $800 as councilman and another full benefit package, all public information.

In my brief statement, I was pleased to see that the NWPPRD was going to be able to have the monies they should have received in December by cleaning up the process. Mr. Hoffmire had mired in a legal web that may cause the city and NWPPRD to have to pay fines, face more intensive yearly audits from the state and could possibly jeopardize the bond rating.

After my remarks, the council took up the issue of pulling the pay voucher to set in motion to redo the Dec. 13, 2022, vote where Mr. Hoffmire was the deciding vote, a conflict of interest vote he was advised in the meeting on video by the city lawyer not to vote on the $13,800.00 + disbursement for the pool’s slide which the pool has since bought not realizing their own employee jeopardized it, because Mr. Hoffmire refused to follow legal advice. Other council members with conflicts recused themselves. At the Oct. 17 meeting they had to start the process over, it was continued to the Nov. 8 meeting.

Mr. Hoffmire read a speech he should have thought over and not done after the action continued. He tried explaining his actions as a difference of opinion. Breaking state laws? Mr. Oborn also tried to help and said we did not know for sure, when it was on video the attorney advised not voting in December. Again in May, Mr. Hoffmire voted on another pool issue even after seeing the advice in writing and the mayor had to strike his vote. The documentation is in, now all the extra time and work.

As per the public disclosure issues, PDC has found cause. It has started a full investigation of his campaign finances and Mr. Hoffmire’s father’s political action fund.

Sue Karahalios

Oak Harbor