Letter: Hazelo’s concern about election is disingenuous


On Nov. 9, Tiffany Smiley congratulated Senator Murray on her win, despite many of Tiffany’s fans crying “foul” over the election results. But so far, Tim Hazelo has not yet congratulated County Commissioner St. Clair on her win.

Instead of putting on his big-boy farmer pants, and acting like a grownup, Tim has decided to tip-toe down the same dysfunctional path as Arizona guber’ candidate Kari Lake, who is also whining about a “slow, unreliable election” — which she also lost!

In his Nov. 30 letter, Hazelo admits that many – if not most – of the Island County Republicans sat in their dark, damp basements on election night, opened their ballots and filled them in “without much effort or in a lot of cases [without] much thought!”

I applaud Tim; this is the third time during his campaign when he’s been honest. The first was when he admitted to the Informed Old Goats that he has no idea what the job of county commissioner involves; and the second time was when he admitted that Biden is our One True President, whom Tim supports.

It may be useless, reaching out to the politically biased and blind Island Misfit Toys and stubborn Old Goats, but still, here are the facts:

We’ve had statewide mail-in voting for just over 20 years. And some mail-in voting was allowed long before this.

During this time, Republican Rick Felici won for county sheriff, and even Republican Rick Hannold won the same seat Tim failed to win.

Sad, pitiful cries of election fraud didn’t start up, bigtime, until the 2020 presidential election, when Trump, and his “beautiful, so beautiful” friends Rudy, Pillow Boy, the Oath Kreepers, and The Kraken decided to go “Death Con 3” against our nation and our electoral process.

Tim’s grasp on reality is flimsy at best: when he loses, he cries “slow, unreliable!” … But if he had won, we’d never hear a peep out of him. Instead, he’d be celebrating and playing beer-pong with friends at a local pub!

As they like to say down in Texas (Herschel Walker’s home state), “Tim’s campaigns and his attacks against our nation and our elections are as fake as an Arizona Audit!”

And now you know the rest of Tim Hazelo’s make-believe Toy Story.

David Freed