Letter: Hazelo wants to make a difference


The Island County Party has grown and flourished under the leadership of Tim Hazelo. He has motivated more people to get involved than ever before, and not just Republicans. Disenfranchised Independents and Democrats have been drawn in as well. That’s why upon reading Maria Cablao’s letter to the editor I was utterly dismayed. I don’t recall her even attending that particular ICRP meeting. I was in attendance, however, and Tim was endorsed by a super majority. He runs the meetings by the rules and with great respect and kindness for others. Everyone had their say and vote. There was actually a re-count done at the request of those who were unhappy with the outcome.

When it comes to any group of people, not everyone is pleased. I do not know Maria personally, but this is obviously the case with her and a handful of others. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I am not disparaging her in the least. I am just trying to set the record straight.

Rick Hannold had his chance to be commissioner and if he was so effective and competent in that role he would not have lost his re-election. Janet St. Clair brings Seattle style “solutions” to Island county and, however noble sounding, result in higher crime, higher taxes and a lower quality of life.

Tim was asked by numerous people to run for ICRP chairman and then commissioner because they value his leadership. It was never his idea to use the ICRP position as a stepping stone — he’s just a hard worker, a man dedicated to his family and community who’s trying to make a difference. I agree with Maria on one point, that people should vote for integrity and competency. That’s the reason Tim is running, to bring those qualities to the Island County commission.

Stephanie Schriger