Letter: Hate groups have no place on Whidbey


I am very proud that our South End community made its voices heard for the core values of equity, safety and inclusive democracy when we heard that a band of far-right militia was planning to gather here at the historical and beloved Deer Lagoon Grange Hall.

This action to stop this insidious incivility of this extreme group that has no place in our society and is vitally important because anti-democracy and far-right extremist groups have no place on South Whidbey, or in any American community.

It is satisfying to me that the extremists’ messages of hatred, bigotry and disinformation have been summarily dismissed by our hard-working and equitable community; a place that exudes love, kindness and neighbors supporting neighbors without discrimination.

Solidarity Over Supremacy will continue to fight for what is true and right, healthy and safe, and will never back down to this extreme, right-wing delusional state of hate which does not belong here or anywhere in the United States. Black lives DO matter and white supremacy has no place in a peaceful world.

Patricia Duff