Letter: Happy to live in path of Navy Growlers


A huge and much appreciative thank you to Terry Sparks in Oak Harbor for his letter entitled “Growler ‘whiners’ ignore security needs, pilot safety” (Nov. 12 letter.) Other than the remark about “left wing judges and people,” since I fit into that demographic, he expressed my exact thoughts and feelings in a much more succinct and diplomatic fashion than I could.

I bought my home in Oak Harbor a little over three years ago. I read and signed the notification re: the proximity to Naval Air Station Whidbey Island and the flight paths close to (or over) my home. I was happy to sign. We have a retired Navy aviator in my family. His family was part of the Oak Harbor community on three different deployments. I was thankful for every minute of training he received here, which made him safer when he was flying over “other places.”

I have neighbors who are parents of a Growler aviator. We want him to get as much training as needed so his assignments will be successful and he will return home safe and sound.

All of us here in this neighborhood are well aware of the flight patterns of the jets and larger planes based at NAS Whidbey. It is not uncommon for one of those planes to be a Growler. I am always aware when it is “training day” and many a night I fall asleep to a Navy lullaby. No complaints here.

Every one of those facts listed by Terry Sparks is valid and carries a higher national security price than the inconvenience of the whiners who were well aware of the proximity of OLF to the homes they chose to buy. Just as military equipment changes, so do related training needs. The personal “inconvenience” of those subsequent homeowners is inconsequential to the mission of the Navy, the NAS/OLF, and the personal sacrifices made by everyone who works to make this nation safer. My message to those whiners: Pull up your big boy pants or pack your bags. Your too many months of whining are up.

Ms. Rusty Gagnon

Oak Harbor