Letter: Growler ‘whiners’ ignore security needs, pilot safety


Reading the article in the paper about how a judge was asked to reduce the number of Growlers at NAS Whidbey is sad. If the judge could in some way reduce our present threats from China, North Korea and Russia, the Growler flights would automatically be reduced.

It is unfortunate that the left-wing judges and people only care about what needs to be done to protect the country after our country is attacked. Our military is keeping that from happening.

Fact: The base was commissioned on Sept. 21, 1942, and OLF was the first part to be operational in September 1943. NAS Whidbey and OLF were in place long before whiners bought.

Fact: The Navy uses OLF prior to deployment of squadrons to make sure they can land on a carrier.

Fact: OLF training has stepped up because of the state of the world requires it.

Fact: The pilots making the touch and goes at OLF are preparing to depart his or her family into harms way to make sure America remains safe. They will be gone six to twelve months.

Fact: The pilots’ and crew’s families will be on their own for that six to twelve months. They will be just trying to keep the family going without their spouse.

Fact: They make these sacrifices for us while we provide them with poor pay and inadequate raises. The military pay increases this year are half of the present inflation level.

Fact: A Navy pilot who goes to work for an airline would double their salary, have big bonuses and minimal time away from their families.

Fact: When you move in along side of an air strip, especially a military air strip, you should expect massive noise pollution. Only a fool would not.

Fact: The first ones to complain that the military did not do enough when something bad happens are the same people that insist carrier training should be in someone else’s back yard.

Fact: Buyers sign a statement that they are moving into a high noise area. They pay less for that home.

Fact: Shutting down OLF means they make a huge profit selling their house. This is really about money.

Opinion: It is appalling to me that many people in the country are never concerned about the country’s security until it is too late.

Terry Sparks

Oak Harbor