Letter: Greenbank Farm needs your support for maintenance, open spaces


Our island is extremely fortunate to have the Greenbank Farm open and available for residents and visitors to explore and enjoy.

There are marvelous walking trails that allows dogs, interesting gardens, agriculture projects, a community pea patch and this holiday season, three welcoming businesses open to the public for shopping locally.

COVID-19 restrictions have created difficult living and social conditions for us all but the approximate 151-acre farm is providing a wonderful outdoor experience and shopping area for residents and visitors.

It is disappointing that a Holiday Market cannot be held this year.

However, the Greenbank Farm businesses provide required mask wearing experiences to purchase items to eat, drink and delightful local gifts to buy.

These businesses are open the entire Thanksgiving week for shopping, plus the port office and Whidbey Camano Land Trust is open during the week.

Please visit and support the farm.

The Greenbank Farm continually requires maintenance and many volunteers have come forth in giving hours and money to its maintenance.

I say a huge “thank you” to those volunteer residents.

I urge you during this holiday season and next year to visit our farm and also support it by buying a ticket for a holiday raffle basket that is full of great gifts and business certificates from the wine shop, cheese store and the new café.

Tickets can be bought at the wine shop as well as from several volunteers. A donation can also be made for the farm.

We need to financially support our farm in order for continued maintenance and the assurance that its open spaces will always be available for our enjoyment.

Judi Moore


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