Letter: Grateful for guitar program that helps vets


I just wanted to take a moment to recognize an organization that is really doing good things. I am referring to the Oak Harbor chapter of Guitars 4 Vets. I just recently completed the free course of instruction offered by facilitator Melissa Johnson.

Through her patient, non-demanding instructional methods, I am quite happy with the results. No, I’m not now a session or concert guitar aficionado, but through what I was taught I can pick up my guitar and find some peace and quiet in an often cluttered world, especially for veterans and in particular war veterans.

My hat is off to Click Music in Oak Harbor for providing a facility for Guitars 4 Vets to conduct their training. I most strongly encourage any vets that may need some help finding their happy place to go online at www.guitars4vets.org for additional information.

Gary Raster

Oak Harbor