Letter: Grateful for access to water that boat launch, beach provide


In response to Mike Christen and Jami Robinson Christen’s letter to the editor, I would like to express my family’s immense gratitude for the Robinson family’s donation of the beach and boat ramp to the public. My wife, children, and I have been frequent visitors to Robinson Beach for well over a decade now. We do not live on the water, so the access is very much appreciated.

Our family has had many firsts at that beach, and in that bay. My father and brother, who live in another state, both caught their first crab, shark and flounder there. My son and daughter both sat on a sandy beach there for the first time as infants. They caught their first fish there, and took their first dip in the cold waters of the Puget Sound there. And I got my van stuck in the sand while loading my boat for the first time there.

Our ability to enjoy such a nice beach and boat ramp so close to where we live has left an indelible mark on our lives and spirits. I can’t express our gratitude enough.

I look forward to a quick resolution to the problem of clearing the boat ramp.

Scott Pendell