Letter: GOP facing conundrum over Semi Bird


On May 30, Tim Hazelo – two-time election loser, election denier, and chair of the Island County Republican Party – took to the streets of Oak Harbor in support of Semi Bird and The Donald. Three others were with him, seven if you count the signs, flags and Tim’s big truck with its big wheels.

Just two days before, conservative MAGA personality Jason Rantz came out against Semi Bird, one of two GOP candidates for governor. Rantz is no friend to the liberals, so it is telling that he came out so pointedly against Semi Bird, “for fraud against (the) U..S. Army, after ‘stolen valor’ claims.”

So now the state and local GOP are deciding how to lie and spin this conservative talk show (fake?) news.

Should they forgive Semi for his deceptions because, after all, we all make mistakes, even Kevin McCarthy and George Santos? Or should they sell out and join Team RINO Dave Reichert? Or should they just hunker down and blame it on “the global elite,” a Hazelo / Island County Republican specialty?

If Hazelo and friends go with Reichert, it will be entertaining to watch them spin the fact that they’ve been trashing him for months. That’s because he committed the sin of sometimes siding with the Socialists, a.k.a Democrats, a.k.a. vermin – the same people Tim Hazelo claims to respect and gets along with so well.

David Freed