Letter: Fireworks meeting disrupted by rude people


Why is it that those with the least intelligent things to say, have to say it the loudest? The group Citizens for Safe and Humane Fireworks endeavored to present fireworks information to the curious minds of Whidbey Island recently at a Town Hall meeting. Unfortunately, it was also attended by a small group of closed-minded, loudmouthed and uncivilized group, who only wanted to yell and disrupt the proceedings.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, of course, and the Citizens for Safe and Humane Fireworks members were prepared to hear from the audience at a question and answer segment of the meeting. But this group lacked the self-discipline to wait for this opportunity, they just wanted to yell. Meanwhile, those who were there to learn something, were constantly prevented from doing so.

These rude individuals were invited to come up to the microphone and speak, in hopes that doing so would stop them from interrupting. They refused, preferring to stay in the back of the room and yell.

It was so discouraging to see such a blatant, transparent show of ignorance and selfishness. And especially more so when surrounded by a large number of people who care so much about things other than themselves. To those who find self-discipline so difficult, please stay home. We don’t object to your opinion, only your rude behavior.

Linda Hauser