Letter: Experiences at clinics were positive


With disconcerting stories about management issues at WhidbeyHealth, I want to pass along positive experiences I have had recently at two of their facilities. My first was a mammogram at the Goldie Road clinic. Goldie Road has always been well-managed in my experience. I was in and out, mammogram completed in less than 30 minutes. The check-in staff and the exceptionally efficient, friendly and competent X-ray technician Karen made the routine quick, pleasant and breezy. Moreover, results were back to me and my doctor the next working day. Unheard of! Health care as we want it!

Today, I had a colonscopy at the WhidbeyHealth Hospital. I was a bit nervous due to recent press about troubles there. I was also unnerved as I was not called as promised for the pre-op consultation and to inform me about when to start the dreaded “prep.” Despite this, the admitting and attending staff were so fabulous — I feel compelled to relay my experience. Since when is a colonscopy a breeze? This one, my third, was, thanks to everyone involed (i.e., nurses Karen, Patty, Andrew, anesthesiologist Kyle, Dr. Tim Graves and his staff at Whidbey Surgical Care.) I know I missed a few more names of those who were assisting. What a great crew! I felt very safe and well cared for.

As I was being wheeled to the procedure room, I could not help feeling thankful that we have our own hospital on the island. I recognize what a complex task it is to organize and run a hospital. I think as residents we need to learn how to support the wonderful health care providers in our community. It is not up to someone else; it is up to us.

I am thankful to this newspaper for illuminating the problems with the adminstration and the Board of Commissioners at Whidbey Health. What can we who benefit do to help? Perhaps we need a concerned citizens group to oversee the board.

Mimi Bommersbach