Letter: Experienced on the bench, Cliff has proven herself honest, fair


Carolyn Cliff will be an outstanding superior court judge. Not only is she the candidate with the most judicial experience, some 20 years as judge pro tem, she is honest and fair.

I have known Carolyn for many years and she is a close friend. Several years ago, I was involved in a court case.

I was waiting in the courtroom when I noticed that the name plate on the bench said “Carolyn Cliff.”

I turned to the lawyer and told him that I knew the judge. I asked, “What I should do?” He replied that the judge would handle it.

When Carolyn took her seat on the bench, she pulled out the paperwork. After a very short time, she said that, because of a conflict of interest, the case would be moved to another courtroom.

So simple.

When you have lived and worked in a community, you come to know many people.

But, as my case indicated, Carolyn will do what is right when she is presiding as a judge.

I am confident that she will base her decisions on the proved facts and the applicable law.

Carolyn has my vote. I encourage you to vote for her, too.

Mary Ellen O’Connor


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