Letter: Everyone deserves the right to vote without fear


Why are we allowing violence and intimidation into our polling places and political life? Violence is never an acceptable way to influence people. It is not normal and should never be normalized, hate speech begets hate crimes. Politicians running for office are having to wear bullet proof vests, poll workers are being run out out of their jobs for fear of their lives and family members are being threatened and assaulted too.

This is America, not a third world country. What is happening to us? Just because a former president spreads lies many people jump in and believe them and act on them without even checking the facts. This is real life. We should be able to vote and work at polling places without fear of our lives.

The fringe criminals have moved in and taken over. We can not allow this to happen. Everyone deserves the right to vote without armed men watching them and intimidating them. Any party (GOP) who says they won’t accept the results of an election unless they win is nuts! That’s not a fair election that’s not democracy that’s totalitarianism what they have in Russia!

When armed men watch voters they should be escorted out or arrested! We can not have this. Enough is enough! We should not accept being told who should win an election. The GOP has gone over the cliff! We do not need to follow them. But they can come back to their senses if they will stand up to the fringe and call them out, refuse to stand with them like the incredibly brave Liz Cheney. We can hope the GOP leaders will wake up and realize what is being unleashed into our country.

Stand up, oust the trouble makers or at least don’t stand silent with them. And lastly really look at Trump, we did not have this mess before him. Do we really want this kind of country? Don’t let the criminal fringe define us say no!

Nancy Mayer