Letter: Evangelical support of Trump has damaged Christianity


Now is the time for those white evangelicals who voted for Donald Trump, especially the second time around, to repent and return to the core values of Christianity — love of God and neighbor, pursuit of peace and justice, and care for the poor, orphans and refugees.

From the outset, there were evangelical leaders who strongly opposed Trump because of his racism, disregard for justice and xenophobia.

Unfortunately, other evangelical leaders, who hungered for power, endorsed Trump.

They ignored the story in the Gospel of Matthew about Jesus’s rejection of the devil’s offer of worldly power.

These leaders included the Rev. Robert Jeffress, who believes he can read God’s mind, claiming that God would punish the USA because of the equal marriage ruling by the Supreme Court.

Just as stunningly, Jeffress stated that any evangelical who did not support Trump was a spineless moron.

Then there was the recently fallen-from-grace Jerry Falwell Jr., and James Dobson, who absurdly described Trump as a “baby Christian.”

Trump’s failure to deal with the coronavirus while ridiculing the wearing of masks, instituting a policy of separating children from their parents at the border with Mexico, which is child abuse, and his consistent claim that he won the election.

He incited to violence those who believed this lie.

There likely are evangelical Christians who believe Trump actually won, and even accept the bizarre claim that the attack on the Capitol was instigated by Antifa, the anti-fascist group.

I would remind these folks that willful ignorance is not a Christian virtue.

In a recent interview, one Christian explained why he stopped supporting Trump. He wanted to tell a co-worker about Jesus.

The co-worker responded, “Why would I want to be a Christian when you support such a horrible human being?”

Admittedly, as the saying goes, the strength of Christianity is demonstrated by the fact that it has survived its supporters.

Still, might this not be a time to look in the mirror and wonder about repentance and remember that practicing Christianity is far more important than preaching it?

The evangelical support of Trump has damaged the reputation of Christianity just as Trump’s presidency has harmed the status of the United States.

Steen Halling


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