Letter: Evaluate local candidates on civility, magnanimity


October is the month in which we celebrate civility. I wonder, is this timed to coincide with the month before Americans cast their ballots on election day? I suspect so.

Civility is the least that we can expect from our fellow citizens and local candidates. More appropriately, we should expect magnanimity, a trait that I will seek as I consider the candidates of my choice.

State Sen. Ron Muzzall, in conjunction with his responsibilities as senator and patriarch of the multigenerational 3 Sisters Farm, has at his own expense delivered many truckloads of food, water and hay to farmers devastated by the fires in Eastern Washington. It was a very magnanimous effort.

I consider too a recent biography describing Chris Leyba who wishes to serve as state auditor. His professionalism is stellar, yet I am equally taken by his magnanimous actions. He operates a rescue for small animals and horses that were destined for kill pens.

Muzzall also is assisting farmers who have nothing left following the fires by delivering emergency supplies and fencing materials.

Finally, I consider the generosity expressed by Susan Keuhl Pederson, candidate for commissioner of Public Lands. Her academic background would qualify her to serve in many capacities. I am grateful that she will share the fruits of her studies and wisdom with the state of Washington.

My hope is that we evaluate our local candidates on civility and more significantly the magnanimity of their actions. Please vote accordingly.

Rita Bartell Drum

Oak Harbor

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