Letter: Electing Democrats will lead to the ruin of country


“Make America poor,” but not again as it was never poor. This will not be the Democrats’ slogan, but it will be the result as it is when a country switches to socialism.

Socialism is not new, but has always failed. Promoters assume that nothing will change, but everything will change. The first change will be the intellectuals and others will flee the country to a capitalist one where they can earn a good living, raise a family and enjoy life.

History reflects this under communism. Intellectuals and others fled East Germany so much so that the communists were forced to build a wall in order to keep them home.

In Venezuela, after it took over their old industry, so many fled that the industry was crippled as too few knew enough to operate it. It changed Venezuela from a rich country to a poor country in less that five years.

They promote “Medicare for all,” but, in reality it will be “Medicare for none.” If the public has access to free Medicare, it will overwhelm the system. This could result in waiting times of a week to even a month just to see a doctor. To control costs, compensation for those in the medical field will be reduced, resulting in fewer entering it.

In the quest to change our country to a socialist one, the Democrats achieved two goals: control of the mainstream media and control of our youth. Mainstream media is now a propaganda machine for the Democrats. Sure, these kids have a college education, but they are grossly ignorant to the negatives of socialism.

As we consider the above and all the proposed freebies, plus the grossly impractical “Green New Deal,” we should all think hard and long before we consider checking a candidate’s box with a “D” for party affliction.

Electing Socialist Democrats is a ticket to poverty and despair.

Joseph C. Coomer

Oak Harbor

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