Letter: Ebey’s National Historical Reserve is not necessary


I don’t expect a lot of public support for this, but I personally cannot find a narrative that explains why Ebey’s National Historical Reserve should exist in 2019.

After all, every single one of its boosters wants Outlying Field Coupeville closed and has not invited the U.S. Navy — a landowner in Ebey’s Reserve — to serve on its board. Yet, without OLF Coupeville, the Navy would not invest time and volunteers in Ebey’s Reserve, and, yet, instead of a “thank you,” the boosters of Ebey’s Reserve want to close OLF Coupeville.

As to Citizens of Ebey’s Reserve’s co-opting our state attorney general, one online commenter said it best, “Our nation’s adversaries need not invest in technologically advanced weapons of war, rather sit back and let our self-serving carpetbagging Johnny-come-lately NIMBY neighbors remove military assets of national security for them.

Our self-serving NIMBY neighbors weapon of choice.

The very freedoms inherited through the blood, sweat and tears of others who we celebrate as patriotic custodians of these United States of America.”

Exactly. Maybe it’s time we who supported OLF Coupeville and stand 525 feet or closer to support our Navy simply escalated efforts to get our state legislature to kick-start an Encroachment Protection Acquisition Program.

Such a program exists for NALF Fentress in Virginia and could end Ebey’s NHR.

Joe A. Kunzler

Sedro Woolley

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