Letter: Don’t see how new charge will help the environment


My response to State Law SB 5323: I for one and I’m sure there are others who line our waste baskets with these bags and, when we dispose of them, they are incinerated?

So now we have to buy a bag. I don’t see that will help the environment, just someone’s pocket just because these bags are scattered about instead of being disposed properly. We pay the price for slobs. Some of us were taught at home to pick up and dispose properly.

Guess it’s something the schools are going to have to teach because parents are not and they should be setting the example. It angers me that we make laws where common sense should prevail.

I agree with Christina Bromme’s Jan. 24 letter to the editor of the Whidbey News-Times. We need more people like her and her husband trying to clean up but shouldn’t be necessary if everyone disposed properly, and there is no excuse not to.

Anabelle Mitchell,

Oak Harbor