Letter: Don’t need more pavement, taxes, ‘speed demons’


Is there a message? We need to be doing something besides SUVs, clearcut trees for parking lots and three empty seats.

• Extend the Island Transit No. 1, put it on the ferry to Seaview Transit Center. Thus tying the entire island, including Oak Harbor, to the Swift/Sound Transit system. Put the No. 1 on every ferry, every trip.

• Bicycle Safety. We need to properly paint bicycle lane signs, sweep the forest debris from the shoulder and put in traffic barriers.

• Reduce the speed limit island-wide to 10 mph. Hold a referendum, calling on engineers to review speed limits and slow down. This is an island.

• Electric cars. Put in more recharge stations and small parking for small cars.

Simply, we need low cost, quick-to-implement solutions. Not more pavement, taxes for wider highways, nor SUV speed demons.

Martin Nix