Letter: Don’t let leftists ‘cancel’ millions of Americans


The Democratic party agenda has been hijacked by socialist leftists. Their strategy is to manufacture social chaos and ethnic conflict to divide us into social/racial classes.

The purpose is to set us against each other with the goal of creating “problems” that will require leftist government intervention to fix.

They want more government control and less individual freedom until our freedom is gone.

They “cancel” or send the Antifa/BLM mob against dissenters to create a fear that it could happen to you too if you question their ideologies. They create this fear to keep you silent. This tactic should terrify you because history shows that when they inevitably come for you, they will not care about your party affiliation or right vs. wrong or the law. You will simply be an obstacle to crush.

Critical Race Theory is a hateful, divisive and manipulative fraud that states you are to be judged by the color of your skin, not by the content of your character. It states that if you are white, you are inherently racist, sexist and oppressive and that denying it is automatic confirmation of guilt.

A respected physician was fired for asking for a definition of “structural racism.”

It is widely stated that police are “structurally racist” and spend their days hunting blacks to kill. A razor wire fence surrounds our nation’s capital to keep us out, but a border fence is racist.

America’s history is being replaced with one of racism and exploitation. Expressing love for America is “extremist.”

Ten months of rioting, looting, assault and murder across America is presented as “peaceful protest.” We are ordered to accept concepts like “the politics of multiracial whiteness” and “gender journeys.”

Millions of Americans vehemently disagree with the ideologies pushed by the leftists, but are keeping quiet because we fear what we see happening to those who dare speak up.

We don’t want to be “canceled.”

We don’t want the leftist mobs turned loose on our friends, neighborhoods or local businesses.

Leftists want us fearful and silent. All of us, Republican or Democrat, need to refuse. This is not how we solve problems in America.

Ed Meyer

Oak Harbor

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