Letter: Don’t let in ‘invaders’ from Mexico, Central America


I am sick of hearing about the “Squad,” the new Democratic front. They should be called the “Squat,” actually the “Diddly Squat,” referring to what they have done for this country since they were elected.

They don’t hate Muslims, Arabs, Latinos, African Americans, Russia, China, Iran, etc. The sole objects of their hatred seem to be white Christian Republicans and the Jewish people. And they have the nerve to call Donald Trump a “racist.” Who elected these stand-up comics.

They want open borders. What would they do if a family from Mexico knocked on their front door and demanded to be let in? Would they feed them, care for them, find them a job and provide health care and education for their children? Not a chance in hell.

America belongs to the American people, not to an invasion of people from Mexico and Central America or anywhere else in the world. These people know what they will be facing when they get here and still they come. So don’t blame our border patrols for their problems, they brought their problems with them.

If you don’t want to separate families from their children, don’t let any of them in. It’s time the Democrats started thinking of America and not possible votes in the distant future. If this keeps up, we may not have a distant future.

Richard Ays

Oak Harbor

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