Letter: Don’t be fooled by the opponents of I-976


Wake up people, we’re being scammed again. The opposition to Tim Eyman’s Initiative 976 is doing what it does best — obfuscate in bold print, true verifiable facts with smoke and mirrors and no supporting data. They provide false unsubstantiated data in order to continue undisciplined spending on pet projects such as the Sound Transit debacle which continues unchecked as a money pit.

Necessary, identified repair and maintenance projects were deferred in favor of special interest projects and now they want more money out of our pockets so they can continue spending our monies unhampered by finite resources which would mean they have to practice fiscal responsibility. Fiscal responsibility is not even in their lexicon.

Become informed citizens, read the Washington Policy Center’s “Citizen’s Guide to Initiative I-976” at washingtonpolicy.org

Please become informed voters.

Patti Ruple

Oak Harbor

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