Letter: Dogs in school will benefit students


There should be a dog room in every school. Did you know that people with pets are less likely to have depression than those without? So what if every person was able to have access to a pet.

My mom has low blood sugar often and my dog Bruno knows when she does. He then will not let her get up or do anything until he knows she is safe. Dogs have like a 6th sense about this stuff and they really just want to help. Not only that this would help with the students but the teachers go through tremendous stress too. This will also give dogs in shelters new homes. Even if each school had one dog it would help.

What happens when we don’t have school? Well some families and teachers (volunteers of course) can take them home and learn how to take care of a pet. What about the kids who are allergic? If a kid is allergic to dogs then they don’t have to go to the room. And for the dog hair attached to people’s clothing shouldn’t harm them more than they do now because it isn’t like every kid brings a lint roller to school every day for those few kids who are allergic to the dog hair floating off their sweater already from their dogs at home.

Having a dog increases exercise, provides companionship, helps you meet new people, reduces anxiety, and provides sensory stress relief. In the U.S. today the top 4 disorders are anxiety, depression, alcohol use, and drug use. Dogs have this amazing ability to sense all four. Every school should very closely consider the positive effects that a dog room would have on students.

Alisha Jones

North Whidbey Middle School